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Recruitment Junction

We partnered with Liquid Creativity to work on the unemployment gap that exists. Recruitment Junction is a free agency that will link the youth and employers for free. It is important for the youth to register their resumes on the organisation’s data base for all future opportunities.

Recruitment Junction is a one stop service for job seekers. It helps them, by focusing holistically on the key aspects of finding a job or starting a business. With the current global financial situation one can no longer depend on putting one’s eggs in one basket. The project aims to walk them through the different processes.  To prospective young entrepreneurs out there SARS, CIPC, BBBEE are mountains which they are not equipped to climb.

Recruitment Junction is a high tech, self-sustaining, job-seeking system made very simple for job -seekers and prospective entrepreneurs.  A multi-facet website www.recruitmentjunction.com gives FREE online services for those who are able to use computers and cell phones.  The main focus of the project is on job-creation, self-development and empowerment.


Project Vision

 It is our aim to become a national leader in youth empowerment and to provide a voice of hope, guidance and inspiration to the youth of our country.


Project Mission

 To decrease poverty, unemployment and inequality, strengthen the South African economy and guide our youth to pursue lives of purpose, achievement and pride. It would be futile to simply assist the youth, to either find employment or create employment for themselves,  when good values and principles are lacking.

Our aim is to help rebuild the moral and social fibre of society and effectively eradicate negative social impediments that entice the youth to choose a life of crime and recklessness over one of responsibility and prosperity.


Project Description


 The project is made up of four aspects:

  • Getting the youth informed – Equip, educate and inform South African youth
  • Getting the youth working – FREE access to job search, career counselling, training & education.
  • Getting them employed – Find qualified, pre-screened and motivated candidates.
  • Getting the youth involved – Help South Africa’s most vulnerable youth find work, gain confidence and hope.


Challenges to be addressed:

Of a population of 49-million, 7.5-million South Africans are out of work. Young people are worst affected, with over half of 18- to 25-year-olds unemployed.

According to the labour federation, Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), there’s no other middle income country in the world with such a high rate of unemployment.“This is a crisis. We call it a ticking bomb,” said Zwelinzima Vavi, Cosatu’s general secretary. “We think that one day there may be an explosion. Seventy-three percent of people who are unemployed in South Africa are below the age of 35 and a lot of them have been to universities.

“If we look at lots of our cities, they are all surrounded by a ring of fire. We have seen in almost every direction around Johannesburg, periodic violent protest actions led by young people and women, the two sections of the community that bear the brunt of that crisis of unemployment.” (From M&G written by Claire Price)

South Africa’s unemployment rate hovers near 25%, although the census indicated unemployment was at 29.8% — 40% if those who had given up searching for a job were included. The rate of youth unemployment is worse: 33.7% among those aged 25-29 and 27.4% among those aged 30-34. With this in mind, the project was initiated to address the enormous challenge of bringing these statistics down.


For job opportunities, learnerships, bursaries, internships and more make sure to visit  www.recruitmentjunction.com