LLB Law Bursaries for 2014 in South Africa

1. UJ Faculty of Law Bursaries for 2014

Closing Date: 31 October

This law bursary is offered Only to undergraduate candidates from 2nd To be determined. year of study for LLB, BA (Law), and/or BCom degrees.


Financially needy and meritorious full-time students. Bursaries are valid for one year only and candidates must apply each year for renewal.


For law bursaries application forms contact:

Law Faculty University of Johannesburg

P O Box 524

Auckland Park 2006


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2. Attorneys Fidelity Fund Bursaries in LLB Law

Closing Date: 15 August.

The Attorneys Fidelity Fund offer a limited number of LLB Law bursaries each year, for a maximum period of two years, for the 3rd  and 4th year of study for the LLB degree at a South African University.


The amount of the bursary will be limited to the amount of  the tuition fees, with a maximum amount determined each year.


The award of a bursary is based on either serious financial need or     exceptional academic merit.


The  requirement  for  qualification  is  one of  the following:  

BA  (Law),  B.Com  (Law), or  B.Proc  degree,  a  similar  qualification  or proof  of  successful  completion  of  the  first  2

years of the revised 4 year LLB curriculum

Application forms can be found by clicking here or go to www.fidfund.co.za


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3. Legal wise Bursaries in south africa

(Law) (incl. Para-Legal Diploma)

close: 29 October every year

If you are currently in Grade 12 you need to include proof of your Grade 11 academic results, and include a copy of your June

2011 Grade 12 exams, or an appropriate progress report.

If you have completed Grade 12 and are not studying this year, you need to submit a copy of your Matric results together with

an explanation of what you are doing this year. This is essential as exam results play an important role in the selection process.

Current University / Tertiary Students

If you have completed Matric and are currently in University please include your Matric results, Grade 11 and Grade 12

academic reports, an academic record from your tertiary institution, together with your latest tertiary exam results for June.

A motivation / essay on your life, and why you should be selected as a LegalWise Bursaryholder, on the page included (Please

use the Motivation / Essay on your Life form in Section 5).

Your Parent, Guardian or friend may also write a letter of recommendation for you.

Proof of salaries* of Parent (s), Guardian or Spouse (eg: *payslip, letter from employer, sworn statement or tax return


Certified copy of your South African ID (applicant) and that of your Parent / Guardian (if applicable).

Proof that you are the child/extended family member of a LegalWise member (birth certificate of the child of principal member,

marriage certificate, copy of membership card) or a LegalWise member.

Confirmation from University/Technikon that you have applied for and received provisional admission to your degree course

for a BCom (Business Administration), BCom (Law) or a LLB Degree.


Application forms can be found by clicking here or http://www.legalwise.co.za/downloads/2011/june/BURSARY2012 single pages.pdf


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4. Dr TE Donges Study Law bursaries for 2014 in South Africa

Applications  closes October every year

Law Bursary Applications available at: Applicants must complete a separate form which is available from the bursary section at UJ.

Bursary enquiries: UJ bursary office



LLB (Law)


Conditions of Bursaries for 2013

Awards may be reclaimed in instances of poor achievement.


Eligible Candidates

Current students at university and Grade 12 learners (going to UJ) can apply.


For Bursaries 2014

Required Subjects Old Curriculum Symbols New Curriculum Mark


5. Department of Labour Bursaries for 2013 in South Africa

Applications for the department of labour bursaries closes 30 June every year. One of the bursaries offered by the department of labour are LLB Law bursaries in South Africa.


Conditions of Bursary

Service binding contract after graduation for a period of three years


Who can apply for this bursaries?

Current students at university and Grade 12 learners

Applicant must be a person with a disability: be it visual, auditory, physical or psychiatric disability at any official training institution. Field of study must be career orientated � student must function effectively after completion of studies.

Required Subjects Old Curriculum Symbols New Curriculum Mark: Science and English

Down load Bursaries application form and sent it to: Department of Labour, P.O. Box 4560, JOHANNESBURG, 2000

Fax: (011) 497-3287

Bursary enquiries: Tel: (011) 497-3000


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