Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child and Change a Life Today!


AYCD’s “Sponsor a Child Programme is a personalized sponsorship programme, whereby an individual can sponsor a child for a fixed monthly amount. By sponsoring, you can help us reach out to Children and Youth in underprivileged communities and take steps in changing their lives forever by providing them with basic necessities like education, life skills and leadership training, career guidance, academic assistance, food, youth and children’s empowerment workshops, and education on rights and access to invaluable information.

How it works:

  1. Choose a level of sponsorship below
  2. Once your donation has been received, you will be contacted by the National Director, who will work with you to assign a child to you according to the sponsorship option you chose.
  3. Communication between you and your child will go through AYCD.
  4. You will help build strong sustainable communities that AYCD continues to support


Sponsorship Levels




Bronze 50 Rand+ Our basic sponsorship level. Your donation goes toward an Education Fund (EF) through which we create opportunities for orphans and deserving kids in our programmes to continue with their Primary, secondary and tertiary education. Based on academic merit, funds available and partnerships secured, the EF enables orphans and deserving youth to secure a brighter future through education.
Silver 100 Rand+
A specific child in AYCD’s programme is assigned to you. You receive a personalized profile on this child, including a photograph and basic information on the child, his/her family and the community he/she lives in. Your contribution will ensure that this child is properly equipped and all the basic services reach are rendered to the child.
Gold 200 Rand and above Our full sponsorship level. Your donation is a combination of the Silver and Bronze levels described above. You do get a specific orphan assigned to you and you ensure that basic services reach this child. You also contribute towards our schools lifeskills programmes and the EF and ensure that children and youth in AYCD’s programmes have a chance at a brighter future, through  education and training. Please remember that your EF contribution is not allocated to a specific child.
Platinum 400 Rand and above Our Top sponsorship level. Your donation is a combination of the Silver and Bronze and Gold levels described above… You also contribute towards the various programmes we offer: Youth Ambassadors Leadership Programme , Recruitment Junction (our career and employment programme), Battle4Life (our HIV And drug awareness programme through dance) and Ambassadors Sports Development.