AYCD Youth Ambassadors Programme



Youth Ambassadors from a school in Midrand

Youth Ambassadors from a school in Midrand

 Our Youth Development Program is based on the following principles:

  • Young people are a community asset, not a problem.
  • It is important to build meaningful relationships across race, class, gender, sexual identity and generations to strengthen the existing social capital of young people in low income communities.
  • Youth leadership development takes a long time — it is a process. Caring adults need to invest in young people over a period of years.
  • Young people need to be actively engaged in the process of community change at all levels, from the street corner to the board room.
  • Society must acknowledge and embrace the idea that youth are talented and capable of leading community change.
  • Young people must lead positive change themselves in order for it to succeed.
  • Leadership programs must identify, nurture and support more than talented elite.
  • The process of developing young leaders begins with learning how to learn.


Youth Development Curriculum


The goal of AYCD’s Youth Development Programme is to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes of senior primary and high school learners through a comprehensive structured  curriculum in order to prepare them to be ready, positiveand confident to take up their rightful place in society. It furtherseeksto inculcate sound values among youth, reduce deviantbehaviours, enhance personal value and potential within individuals.

Participants will develop knowledge of self and others through exposure to a series of activities that promote healthy self-esteem, identity, cultural awareness, academic skills, time-management and among others, organisational skills.


The Curriculum is arranged into eleven units. All units have modules followed by activities. Each module is intended to represent a workshop. Note that each unit contains a course description, followed by goals, and resources needed


We select students from various schools and they are called Youth Ambassadors. Below is a brief description of AYCD Youth Ambassadors 

Our Vision:

AYCD YOUTH AMBASSADORS are youth who are committed to inspiring their peers and strive to connect to their communities by influencing issues and others with the power of compassion. Together, they deepen their understanding of what it means to engage compassion in a purposeful manner. Global change for our future is made active through community service and civic engagement.

Our Focus areas are:

  • Disability Rights: Helping to promote the rights and recognition of disabled persons 
  • Economic Justice: Supporting a sense of pride in communities and encouraging them to advocate for fair treatment and accountability
  •  Environmental Justice: Recognizing the importance of protecting the environment
  •  Gender Issues: Supporting the community in their fight for equality of gender rights
  •  Racial Justice: Promoting racial equality and empowerment
  •  Women, Youth, and Families Issues: Empowering women and youth to achieve their goals