Battle 4 Life

This initiative complements our objective to promote social cohesion through the arts. It is envisaged that the competition will improve the social and cultural understanding of students and their immediate communities by creating awareness, transferring skills and promoting social cohesion.

So what does battle4life actually do?

Battle4life ignites, Informs and inspires young people to action to take the lead to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse.


We Ignite young people aged 13 to 25 to become involved in our awareness competitions. Our teams travel to schools to IGNITE young people through music and dance. We allow opportunities for open discussion about HIV, Drug and alcohol abuse. Addressing stereotypes, issues of stigma and taboos regarding sexuality and HIV.


Once passion is ignited, we INFORM young people about sexuality Health through fun workshops that combines creative use of simulation games and factual life skills talks. Through the schools lifeskills programmes we help young people be informed and give them the skills needed to make wise decisions regarding sexuality and drugs and alcohol abuse. These workshops build self esteem. Skill sets covered are communication, negotiation, decision-making, leadership and importantly entrepreneurship.


Once these young agents of change are informed with these empowering skills, we motivate them to take ACTION. They start with themselves and choose to live positively and make informed choices , then act as role models to  their family and friends and make a positive change in their community. These young people are Youth Ambassadors


To CELEBRATE the achievements of these Youth Ambassadors we organise awareness campaigns in communities these are in the form of Battle4Life competitions. The highlight is a city wide awareness drive taking place on World AIDS Day.