The Ubunye Pilgrimage

Ambassadors Youth and Community Development will be launching a special social cohesions and social justice pilgrimage for high school youth. This is a one-week experience involving youth from all nine provinces and will begin and end in Johannesburg and will take us to the key liberation monuments and sites.  As we explore a few of the most important sites of the anti apartheid movement, we’ll also meet some of the people who helped change South Africa in ways that still inspire our world today.

The Ubunye Pilgrimage brings to life this essential part of South African history — and helps us understand the ways that racism and barriers to equality still confront us today. In addition to visiting historic sites, we will workshop race related issues like, stereotyping, cultural identity, managing perceptions, national identity and reconciliation…  As a spiritual, as well as political pilgrimage, worship and contemplative practice are part of everyday practice, as we reflect on ways we can apply what we learn and make a difference in our world.

“Ubunye” means unity and it is our aim to promote unity and social cohesion between youth of SA.

A “pilgrimage” is a journey to a place made sacred by what has transpired there. A pilgrimage can be spiritual, personal, political — or all three. We call our journey a “pilgrimage” because by travelling to places where so many people rose up to meet the call of justice, we expect to be inspired and changed personally, spiritually, and in our own calling toward justice.

Please join us for this unforgettable experience — you won’t regret it.

Applications for this program are now open for grade 10 and 11 students. Email with The Ubunye Pilgrimage in the subject line to apply.